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A Nod to Nehru

Kimmy and I are often inspired by vintage patterns, fabrics and details. We love collecting and researching vintage patterns from around the world and from different era’s.
Working from our home studios today, I find myself in love with vintage Meditation Tunics and Guru Shirts from the 1960’s. They all seem to have the classic Nehru Collar, inspired by apparel worn by Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India from 1947 to 1964.
Sewing on crystal embellishments and gorgeous gold fringe to this one of a kind piece…

~ Jennifer

Celebration Of Life… and Color!

The first¬†two weeks of November is dedicated to the souls of our departed loved ones- hoping they come back for a visit!¬†This “belief” dates back to ancient Aztecs and still holds true for Catholics and Mexicans and other religions and cultures today.
Believers create altars with colorful “patterned” art like skulls and masks…
…along with music, flowers, food, lighting candles and prayer.
We believe in the POWER of PRAYER…and the POWER of strong, bold and colorful PRINTS!!!

While working on our line of tunics and toppers, we discovered how happy and “ALIVE” these colorful prints make us feel!!
We are excited to share this with you come Spring/Summer 2017!

Celebrate the ones who help make our lives a little more smoother
– remember who helps “carry the crown” in our every day life.

Happy November!